For Sustainable Fisheries

Our Mission

The GreenFishers Trust champions positive and inclusive sustainable management of commercial fisheries. For sustainable fisheries, we consider the three pillars of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

The GreenFishers Trust showcases best practice and in doing so, we believe we can encourage innovation, facilitate networking, develop collaborative understanding and help all those involved in the fishing industry.

GreenFishers are those in the fishing industry who develop best practice, often in partnership with environmental, scientific, social and market organisation partners.

We also want to help inform people who want to buy fish and shellfish from producers who care, and know more about those who are innovating to improve fisheries sustainability and the future of our blue planet.

Get involved

The GreenFishers registered on our website take affirmative action to develop more sustainable fisheries. The more fishing vessels registered, the more impact we will have:
If you are not in the fishing industry: